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About Grand Victorian Convention Centre

About Us

Our years of expertise is what makes us stand out at Grand Victorian Convention Centre. Our venue is beautifully designed, filled with various options to fit any and every event that comes to grace our hall. From a dazzling rooftop garden to spacious ballrooms; we can provide a unique experience catered to your event with our countless event options. Grand Victorian Convention Centre owes its success to the ideology of competitive performance, an idea that helps push our service and operation teams to aim for excellence; through community involvement, a solidified corporate citizenship and of course providing clients with an event to remember.

Sales Team

GVCC’s expert sales personnel consider ourselves fortunate to represent a facility that has been repeatedly cited by authoritative industry sources for operational excellence, standout customer service, and superior waste-management planning and effective business practices. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer ends up with the right space for their event.

Event Managers

One of the ways we ensure top caliber service is to appoint one of our highly trained and experienced event managers to each event. Customer service is fundamental and the key to our success. With that, customer loyalty is the major reward.

With a great understanding of all challenges involved in hosting business, cultural, and social functions, our event planners have the knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure no detail is overlooked. We take pride in always putting on the very best event possible from business meetings to product launches to weddings and proms, we will spare no effort in ensuring your event’s success.

GVCC is committed to helping you, working with you, and making each event you host with us a complete success. We like challenges and will overcome all challenges to ensure every detail of your next birthday party or product launch is just right. Detail-oriented, satisfied customers are the heart and spirit of the center. Here, we are full of diversities. We understand various business and cultural needs and embrace the future as an excellent challenge. Because of this, the Grand Victorian has this unique edge in making any event a huge success.

We don’t just offer quality in our building’s outstanding design, we ensure quality in every aspect of your event’s planning and execution. Contact us today to see why Grand Victorian is one of Ontario’s favourite venues!